How to Play


  • Start by entering the Kolosseum on our home page.
  • Click on the Friday Freebie contest at the top of the list for a chance at up to $150 in prizes.

build your squad

  • You’re given $25,000 as a salary cap to build your squad
  • Choose 6 players from the Player Pool. The Player Pool consists of streamers who are likely to stream Warzone.
  • Each streamer is given a salary based on their lifetime stats and recent matches. View their lifetime stats and recent match results by clicking on their profile.
  • Once you've built your squad while staying under the $25,000 salary cap, you can submit your lineup for free.


  • Each player's top 10 matches of the day will count towards their score. Only public matches will be scored.
Scored game modes:
  • Battle Royale, Vanguard Royale (Solos, Duos, Trios, Quads)
  • Rebirth (Duos, Trios, Quads)
  • Limited Time Modes
  • 1st: 2x multiplier (Rebirth: 1.25x multiplier) (LTM: 0.75x multiplier)
  • 2nd-15th: 1.5x multiplier (Rebirth: 1x multiplier) (LTM: 0.5x multiplier)
  • 15th-50th: 1x multiplier (Rebirth: 0x multiplier) (LTM: 0x multiplier)
  • Kills: 1pt
  • Deaths: -1pt
  • Extra Damage Done: ((Total damage done - (Kills × 350)) / 50) × 0.1pt

          **Kill ≈ (350 damage) ≈ (full health + full shield)

         **Streamers earn 0.1pt per every 50hp dealt outside of their total kills

Tie Breakers:
  • Only includes Battle Royale and Vanguard Royale matches (not Rebirth). Determined in the order displayed:
  1. Total kills without multipliers
  2. Average placement
  3. Most kills in one match

watch live

  • Follow the action live on Twitch or Facebook Gaming as your squad earns points based on their in-game performance.

Check results

  • Check back in the Kolosseum throughout the day to see if you are winning! Once we’ve verified the results you can see if you officially won!
Payout Structure
  • 1st Place: $25
  • 2nd Place: $20
  • 3rd Place: $15
  • 4th Place: $10
  • 5th Place: $5
  • You can use your winnings to win even more contests or check your email to get paid out through PayPal!